How to properly load the canopy by crane and trailer

The use of condominiums as temporary accommodation, control rooms in various projects, office, training class and has become very widespread these days. The portability of these products is considered as one of their positive features. But the most important thing to consider in this regard is how to properly transport these products. When the canopy is loaded by the crane, serious damage to the canopy can occur if you do not act properly. Companies selling canopies usually contract with reliable shipping companies. Using the experience and skills of these people, you can transport these products in a principled and safe manner. In the continuation of this article, the correct way of loading the canopy by crane and trailer will be provided to you to get acquainted with the process of doing this.

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Important tips on how to properly load the canopy by crane and trailer

The first thing to consider about how to properly load the canopy by crane and trailer is to coordinate with reputable companies or individuals to do so. In this way, if any mistake on their part leads to the destruction of the canopy during transportation, they will be responsible for compensation. Even if the transportation process is the responsibility of the company from which you purchased the condominium and there was a problem with the condominium; Specialists will take the necessary steps for repairs. One of the important points when transporting the canopy, which reduces various hazards, is the quality of the canopy. The higher the quality of the raw materials used to build the canopy, the less likely it is that these products will be damaged during loading and transportation to the destination. In addition, the presence of special weights on the chassis and hook or hook on the roof will help to better carry these products. The number of hooks used on the roof depends on the weight of your canopy. The number and strength of these hooks should be such that it can support the weight of your canopy while carrying. There should be holes in the lower part of the canopy and on the chassis so that you can use them to close the canopy to the trailer.

Crane loading method by crane and trailer

The crane used to carry the canopy must be strong enough to be able to securely place the canopy on the trailer without any impact. Depending on the type of canopy, the type of crane will also change. Cranes with high load capacity should be used to carry larger canopies or products made of heavier materials. The trailer that you are going to carry the canopy with must have quality springs and standard balloons for carrying cargo. Since these products are shipped all over the country, you must make sure that your shipping process does not conflict with the rules of road transport. In such cases, items such as height, length and width of the sheds should be in a way that does not fall into the category of traffic loads. You have to pay a fine to carry traffic loads and you only have the right to cross the road at certain times. This can be a bit of a hassle when you are in a hurry to get to a specific area.

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Trailer fits the canopy

Usually, the width of the barracks during transportation should not be more than 5.2 and their length should not be more than 12 meters. At this stage, the proportion of the weight of the canopy with the bearing weight of the trailer is an important issue that you should not neglect to pay attention to. Usually, trailers with less than 5 tons of trailers are used and for products that weigh more, trailers with more power are used. In addition, the correct loading of the canopy by cranes and trailers is usually done by cranes equipped with trailers. This allows the cables used in this equipment to be connected to the hooks on the roof of the canopy during transportation, thus reducing the possibility of any problems. According to our experts, 10 ton cranes are a good option for heavier canopies.
The next important point in the field of how to properly load the canopy by crane and trailer is the skill of the trailer driver. This is because many of the common problems when transporting canopies are due to improper driving or not loading the trailer properly. Properly closing the load on the floor and using all the equipment related to restraining the load and taking extra shocks will make the transportation process of the canopy go without any problems.

Important points during the transportation of the canopy

The following tips will help you to implement the correct way of loading the canopy by crane and trailer and deliver your desired products to the destination safely.
Use fabric straps to close the parts that are connected to the body of the canopy so that the body of these products is not damaged.
. Try to choose a route that has a lower elevation to make the process of transporting these products safer.
Knots that are tied using different ropes must be strong and principled. Otherwise, the ropes will open during loading and the canopy will be damaged. The type of knot is also a very important issue that drivers should pay special attention to.
● Usually the driver should check the condition of the load when transporting the canopy after every 80 km, especially in the event that there is a sudden change of direction or brakes while driving. Also, when driving, it is better to pay attention to the balance of the load and check its condition continuously.
When unloading the load must be very careful, otherwise at this stage all the trouble

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